Thursday, November 12, 2009

Aryana wants to know if I ever see paranormal stuff with my own eyes

Aryana was one of several young Girl Scouts who took a Broomstick Adventure with me in October. The next day, she sent me the following email: "I had alot of fun at your tour last night and it was amazing!! I really did like it because my whole life I always wanted to see paranormal stuff. I always went to libaries and looked up a lot about Paranormal stuff and I learned a lot and I was wondering do you ever see paranormal stuff with your own eyes???"

I am asked that question a lot, so, here is what I wrote back to Aryana:

As for seeing the paranormal with my own eyes -- no, I never have. I have only seen orbs and apparitions on digital cameras. But everyone has a different sensibility for the paranormal. Many people who have taken my tours tell me about what they have seen or heard or felt. Amazing stories!

However, I did experience one beautiful and unexplainable event. I don't know if you would call it paranormal, but it was amazing for me.

My mother died in 1962 when I was 21 -- it was very sudden and unexpected and I was very upset, as were my father and brother and grandmother.

I was in my senior year in college and the year before, my junior year, I was lucky enough to study in Geneva, Switzerland. I met a young man there from another country who was studying to be a diplomat. He drove a little car called a Renault Dauphine. We took lots of trips in that little car and fell in love. But he had to continue his studies in Europe and I had to return to the United States. We never saw each other again.

The day my mother died, my father gave me permission to call my "true love" long distance. That was a very big thing then -- you had to go through international operators and it was very expensive. I called my "true love" using the telephone in our kitchen, where there was a window over the sink looking out onto the street and the buildings across the street. It was early in the morning and there were no cars parked on the street.

As I cried and told my "true love" what had happened, he was his wonderful self and comforted me and when we hung up after only five minutes, I looked outside the kitchen window again. Parked across the street was a little blue and silver Renault Dauphine -- just like the one my "true love" drove in Europe. I never saw anyone get into or out of the car. It just sat there for several days, until my mother's funeral was over and it was time for me to return to college. Then it disappeared.

Aryana, best wishes to you in your hunt for the paranormal -- sometimes, as for me, it comes in the form of a happy miracle instead of a scary ghost.

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